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Welcome on Chess-960.org

Update September 24th 2006:
3000 games available in database
A few days ago we reached the 3000th game in the database.
In future we'll continue to put more and more Chess960 games and positions into the database.

Update June 28th 2006:
Chess960athome.org has been started in Alpha test phase
In this project we combine Chess960 and the idea of distributed computing. Read more details on chess960athome.org.
The first games are played by volunteers all over the world. In near future we 'll open the doors for more users.

Update Februar 15th 2006:
new book: Play Stronger Chess by Examining Chess960 by Gene Milener
Gene Milener has released his new book "Play Stronger Chess by Examining Chess960: Usable Strategies of Fischer Random Chess Discovered". This book was officially and fully released on 2006-01-26. Visit his website on http://www.castlelong.com for more details.

"Fruit" is dominating the 2nd edition of the chess-960.org Engine League
In the next weeks we present on chess-960.org the seccond edition of chess960 engines tournament live.
The participants in this seccond edition are: Aice 0.97, The Baron 1.7.1, Chispa 403-blend, FireFly 1.4.2, Frenzee 200, Fruit 2.2, Glaurung Mainz, Gothmog, Hermann 1.5.14 (with opening book), Homer Leiden, Jonny 2.82, Pharaon 3.3, Spike Mainz
Update Januar 31th 2006: The engine "Fruit" is dominating the 2nd edition of the chess-960.org engines league. Fruit's ELO rating of more than 2800 is in the range of the best chess player worldwide like Topalov or Anand.
You can watch all games of this League on line on this site.
The detailed page is currently only in german but we hope you can understand the results and the time schedule for the next games.
Each engine has 120 minutes for 40 moves and 60 minutes until the end of the match.
All times are GMT+1 (German Time).

Update Januar 27th 2006: From now the new search for positions in all games of the database is on line. Feel free to use the database to analyze your own chess960 games.
Currently we have more than 2,200 games and 200,000 different postions available.

The emphasis of our Website is on the construction of an online-database for chess960 games. From now on you can include the games you have played in one of the 960 initial positions in our database. Moreover, our chess-960.org starting position generator is at your disposal.

You can call us at +49(0)6202 126 47 42 or send us a mail to info@chess-960.org. Our team is growing every day and we are thankful for any active help, especially in the realms of web design and sponsoring.
We are interested in any suggestions concerning our website. Please let us know your ideas and proposals to improve our website.

If you don’t know chess960 or if you would like to know more about it, please read our heading “chess960”, faithful to the guiding principle "chess960- discover 960 possibilities".

All matches of the World Championships in Chess960 (computers) are now online on this website. See our database to replay these excellent games of the first World Championsship in chess960.


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